Message Wednesday: The Comfortable Christian

Comfortablebeing in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease (

One person that satan really loves is a “comfortable christian”. Yes,
a “comfortable christian”. The comfortable-christian is one that is not on their Christian duty, which requires serving, sacrifice and giving. This individual does not go out beyond the four corners of their local church or out into their local community to make an impact for Christ (Matt 28:19).

The comfortable-christian is a person that is satisfied with their regular church attendance, satisfied with the traditions, festivities/activities of the church and believes in their mind that GOD is actually pleased with them. The comfortable-christian is a person that turns a blind eye to the people in their family, friends, and the world that are in need of the Gospel (Good News) while at the same time expecting the people to automatically be changed.

Much like the men in Luke 9:57-62, comfortable-christians make excuses why they cannot live a fully committed life of discipleship unto Christ. This individual has not truly counted up the cost to carry their cross but has other affairs that seem more important to accomplish. Luke 9:62 describes this person as “unfit” for the kingdom of GOD.

The difference between comfortable-christians and radical-christians is one that takes action in backing up their talk with a walk by pushing the gospel (radical-christian), while the other just talks the talk with no walk and never stepping out the boat

The bible says in Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”. I pray that GOD wake up and shake up every comfortable-christian, that he/she will be about the fathers business and realize that soldiers are needed on the battlefield in this hour.

-DJ Commission


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