Message Wednesday: The GOD Challenge


The other day I was surfing the web and came across a YouTube video called the banana/sprite challenge.

This challenge involves an individual eating two bananas and drinking a 2-liter Sprite without vomiting. Majority of the banana/sprite challenge videos that I watched ended up in a person vomiting.

As I sat back and watched these videos I began to think about other challenges online such as: charlie-charlie challenge, condom challenge, fire challenge and many more. As my mind is thinking on these things, I saw the willingness and unashamedness that these people (mainly young) were willing to put themselves through all for the sake of views, likes, and attention.

All challenges that are online (old & new) mainly involves a person degrading or humiliating themselves. This is clearly not a GOD-thing. The LORD has never called us to humiliate ourselves by being set on fire or being duct-taped to a tree but calls us to be
alive & free in His Son.

It’s quite sad that millions of young people are influenced by these silly and crazy challenges but rarely or many times never influenced by taking the “GOD  Challenge”. The GOD Challenge? The GOD Challenge is one that challenges a young person not to be conformed to this world. Which simply means not to be the same as or similar to what all  other youth are involved in.

The GOD Challenge, challenges a young person to put on Christ while everyone is putting on the world. The GOD challenge even challenges parents, to tell their children about the way of Christ and not leave it up to the school system, media and philosophies of the world to raise their children. The GOD Challenge teaches youth how to share their faith in Christ (evangelism) and not be a couch-potato Christian. The GOD Challenge causes us all to live a life dedicated to Christ, who took on the challenge of sin & death and overcame.

-DJ Commission


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