Album Review #1: SFC (Soldiers for Christ)

Album: Listen Up
Artist: SFC (Soldiers For Christ)
Year: 1989

What better way to begin an album review, than to write about one of gospel-raps pioneer groups, “SFC” The group consisted of Super C (Sup the Chemist), QP and DJ Dove.

“Listen Up” was SFC’s first CD release after their 1987 cassette tape debut of
“Fully Armed” one of CHH’s early releases.

“Listen Up” was released during a time that N.W.A., Public Enemy, The Geto Boys, and EPMD were some of the successful and popular groups of the time (1989). For SFC to release an album in a time where mainstream rap’s voice was present and powerful speaks volumes for a gospel-rap group’s boldness to release Christ-centered music that not only ministered but jammed.

With Hip-Hop in its rarest form and against the top juggernaut groups of 89, SFC holds it down for the Lord’s side. Sonically, the album is on point. The production and lyrics of the album are off the chain, matching that classic 80’s sound. My favorite highlights of the album are the dj scratches, the message and sample selections. I also like the fact that christian mc’s and groups such as: Dynamic Twins, Everlasting Joy and MC Peace offered their talents and services in helping putting together the album. A great example of Kingdom building.

DJ Commission’s Top 4 Songs Review
(1). Drugs – A very hype and energetic track with a solid message on the dangers and effects of drugs. I could imagine youth groups of 1989 would go crazy when this track came on LOL.
(2). No Stoppin – Another hype track! I love the samples that were selected for this track.
(3). You Are Worthy – This song is HOT!!!!! The production and rhymes are SICK!!!! A great message dedicated to the LORD . This was on repeat.
(4). Dope Dealer – This is my favorite song!!! I love the story-telling on this one! The drums on this one hits hard (TR-909 drum machine may have been used). Excuse my music producer side LOL

Overall “Listen Up” is a great record and starting point for the history of CHH. This has to be considered a classic CHH album. I definitely recommend this album for fans of 80s hip-hop/rap, and every Christian Rap Artist and DJ to pay homage too. “Listen Up” is a must have in the CD collection or iTunes playlist (for you tech-savvy people LOL). This album shows that Christian Rap can be a force to be reckoned with, and remain true to oneself and the Lord Jesus The Christ.

-DJ Commission